Template for Temporary Contract of Employment

When it comes to hiring temporary employees, having a solid contract of employment is crucial to ensure both parties are on the same page. A template for temporary contract of employment can save time for employers and provide clarity for employees. Here`s what to include in a comprehensive temporary contract of employment template.

Introduction and Background Information

Start the contract with an introduction that clearly outlines the purpose of the agreement, such as hiring a temporary employee for a specific period to fill a particular role. Provide background information, such as details of the job description and the company`s expectations of the employee.

Employment Terms

Next, specify the terms of employment, including the start and end dates of the contract. If the duration of employment is dependent on specific goals being met, make sure to include those details. State the number of hours the employee will work per week or day, along with the days and hours of work.


Outline the details of the employee`s compensation, including the hourly rate or salary, overtime pay, and any additional benefits like holiday pay or medical insurance. Ensure that the payment schedule is clearly stated, including the method of payment (e.g., direct deposit, check).

Duties and Responsibilities

Explicitly lay out the duties and responsibilities of the employee in the job position, including any expectations regarding performance. This information can be included in the job description or presented as a separate document.

Confidentiality and Proprietary Information

Most companies have confidential and proprietary information that they don`t want shared by employees, even temporarily. Make sure your template includes a section on confidentiality and proprietary information to protect your company`s interests.

Termination or Extensions

In the event that the employer or employee needs to terminate the contract before the end date, specify the process and requirements for doing so. You should also include details for any provisions for extending the contract if needed.

Signatures and Legal Language

Finally, end the contract with signatures from both parties, acknowledging that they have read the contract and agree to the terms. It`s important to include legal language that states the terms of the contract are binding and enforceable by law.


Creating a template for temporary contracts of employment can streamline the hiring process and provide clarity for both employers and employees. By including the above sections, you can ensure that both parties understand their responsibilities, the terms of employment, and their rights. This template can be used as a foundation for individual contracts, making the process much more efficient.