Alcohol Alternatives Healthy Ways to Relax Without Drinking

DRY is a fun line of non-alcoholic sodas that are specifically designed to pair with food like their alcoholic counterparts. The flavor profiles are elevated and “grown-up” which makes for a fun treat at dinner parties. The single-most important thing for an addicted person in recovery is support. Alternatives to drinking are useful tools, but successful recovery requires a supportive group of friends and family members.

  • We argue that to maximise their potential to reduce alcohol intake and hence harms they should be sold alongside alcoholic beverages, in the same way as low-alcohol drinks are.
  • Overall, it’s a nice blend of relaxation without sedation combined with improved cognition and energy levels.
  • Learn more about how our program can help you change your relationship with alcohol, and get on track to your healthiest self.

Yet it also acts as an agonist for GABA receptors, which helps regulate mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. By promoting a sense of calmness, it enables you to unwind without the need for alcohol’s intoxicating effects. It’s naturally found in certain foods, but supplementation yields additional benefits. In fact, it’s the reason energy drinks with 300+ milligrams of caffeine can still feel smooth. Taurine doubles as a great physical performance booster (ergogenic aid).

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Avoid energy drinks that are high in sugar and artificial ingredients. Natural stimulants like guarana and ginseng have been used for thousands of years by people from every culture and country. These ingredients are known to increase energy, alertness, concentration, and overall focus and can be found in a variety of drinks and other products. Before finding a substitute for your nightly wine, you might want to search for an activity that delivers a similar feeling of calm and ease.

The Problem With Alcohol as a Stress-Reliever

Consumer demand for alcohol-free functional beverage products is growing rapidly. The market is currently worth tens of millions of dollars per year and a wide range of alcohol-free alternatives to alcohol beverage products has become available to consumers. Second, we identified a number of molecules thought to be responsible for the GABAergic effect within specific plants.

As you need about six to seven cycles of rem sleep during one night, you only get about one to two rem sleep while you are drinking. During drinking, you gradually start to lose your sweet cravings due to heavy alcohol intake. But as soon as you start to quit drinking you’ll notice that your sweet cravings especially that tooth are getting into force again. You start regaining your sugar cravings and this is how you start your way towards a healthier life. Stop drinking alcohol is so far has not shown positive results in the initial days but all these symptoms are a signal that your body is recovering from alcohol addiction slowly.

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